Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Stinger - S/T Demo (Prison Tatt)

I just literally stuck this into the tape player and immediately was enamored with it. It’s dark-hardcore with a punk metal vibe, sort of in a similar vein as Ride At Dawn and if the guitar were a bit muddier I’d say it’s black thrash metal demo to be perfectly honest. 

Opening with “In Fire” there’s slight angular riff of sorts and the drums, then suddenly the thing rolls out from under me in a fit of ferocity. I mean GODDAMN!!! There’s some fight in this little cassette! It’s full on hardcore at this point. Then “By the Fang” comes in swinging with another cavalcade of “AAAHH RRRRAAAAAWW” vocals and a barrage of drums. Sounds like a raucous but to me it sounds like fun. They even bust out a thrash-like solo that hits the mark. A lot makes me happy but not THIS happy. “Husk Life” is a little cleaner, not by much though, it has more of a thrash riffage but it breaks up the monotony with a hardcore blitz here and there so I’d say that overall it’s a ripper and leave it that. What a voice though, this guy can shout in this semi-guttural tone that amidst  “Grrrrrs” and words. The last two tracks are in a similar fashion, outrageous, wild and raging.

There’s only 100 copies minus mine so gotta be quick the grab them before they’re gone.

Listen for yourself to "In Fire" here:

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