Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Funerary Call – Nightside Emanations (Malignant Records 2012)

Funerary Call create dark ambient nightmarish soundscapes that are almost organic and natural that it’s hard to not feel as if one is listening to field recordings from deep within some labyrinth of a primal cult. Which is very much apparent with the starting track “Wands of Fire”. “Wand of Fire” is essentially a Lustmordian soundscape amidst a crackling fire, invoking the essence of ritual and setting the stage for what will be unraveling through sound across the next five audio experiences approaching.

“Nightside Emanations” features very minimal tribal percussion, and I mean MINIMAL, but just enough that with the echoes of movement within the cryptic temple and the demonic electronic distortion that is the anathema rising my blood races before my skin sheds from the sudden cold and fear brought on through anticipation of what’s to come: “Thee I Invoke”!!!!.

“Thee I Invoke” is a unique turning point on the album where the Lustmord and minimal tribal ambient route is abandoned for a darker cosmic trance feel. The sound density literally goes from vaporous incense plumes dispersing through a clear enough space to breathe where as now it’s as if oxygen is being depleted and my lungs are being vacuumed as the walls begin to close in on me. The incantations among the almost neoclassical minimalistic synthwork remind me of classic Swedish dark/black ambient and very much a mixture of Cold Meat industry, Old Europa Café, Cold Spring,Tessco recordings as does “Upon the Earth”.

Nightside Emanations is one of those rare beasts that blend hypnotic pulses of primal tribal percussion and rhythms with cosmic drone, and glacial sheers of shrill and screeching electronic tones into something completely ancient and profoundly mystical. In terms of overall sound and feel expect elements of : Yen Pox, In Slaughter Natives, Raison D’être, Atrium Carceri, Phelios… creating a tale of an ancient dead civilization, possibly in connection with aliens performing a ritual. Just when you thought you were over ambient, occult, etc. Funerary Call summons you back and challenges even the strongest and most revered acts of the style.

Play loud during moments of pause and relaxation/meditation and prepare to have your senses distorted and your mind twisted. Don’t miss their recent release Fragments From the Aethyr on Crucial Blast

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