Monday, June 18, 2012

Revenge – Scum.Collapse.Eradication (Nuclear War Now)

I’m almost certain that to many of you this band is no stranger, this is some of the best and most wicked of the cult black/death metal bands born like a deranged phoenix out of the flames and ashes of the bastard cult band Conqueror (much of whose catalog is made available yet again through NWN Productions). The vocals are like crust/grind vocals which abuse thyne ears through rapid scrawling gibberish ridden with filth and veracity,  and honestly there’s a truckers breakfast burrito assload of crust influence in their sound bringing noxious acts like Doom and Deviated Instinct to the forefront of my mind with some bastardized demo era Napalm Death even.

Black, Death, and or whatever –the-fuck  one needs to classify Revenge as, there’s nothing like Revenge and although we’re all welcome to make asses of ourselves trying to pigeonhole this band, they’ll always have the last demonic laugh on our tab.
This S.O.B. shreds!!!!!! It’s unintelligible blasphemic and hate powered lyrical annihilation aimed at destroying our brain cells quicker than huffing household solvents. As with Doom and Deviated Instinct, I couldn’t care less about sophistication when the sounds garrote you like fresh catch with an industrial powered DC carving knife like this does. Revenge bare some similarity to the crass and vehement vomit of Ride For Revenge crossed with some Profanatica and maybe even some Autopsy for sheer ugly doom laden brutality, but again…FUCK the comparisons and get this shit before it gets you!!!!!

BTW: they do great toilet bowel distorted fart/bongwater vocal effects alongside their early crust/grind/death assault. Maybe they are black metal to some, but to my ears this is filthy raw death grind and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Fans of very early, raw, and disgusting death metal joining forces with distasteful raw black metal rejoice and indulge with this one. If you can’t handle the vile and noisy and just now accepted the crudeness of Beherit and so many others because they are now old enough to be considered “classic” than you are an anal leech sucking shit and fecal bacteria off the rest of us who can see past the end of our noses. If you think this sounds like chaotic juvenile noise then that’s 110%  acceptable, but if in another five years you decide that because of age and rapport among fans that these assholes become “classic” and acceptable than you are, by natural selection and not my decision, an anal leech, so check this crap out and let the shit splatter where it may.

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