Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dhampyr – White Fire Laudanum (Prison Tatt Records)

Starting out with “Delerium Tremens” there’s an absolute similarity to Burzums Hvis Lyset Tar Oss fused with other more ethereal and psychedelic BM acts such as Velvet Cacoon, Caina, Alcest lifelover, Petrychor…

“White Fire Laudanum” is another drug induced haze of muddled emotional shrieking behind a collage of lush distortion sort of like being string out on opiates (which they were actually) and recreating your altered state through thick walls of melodic guitar chords. There’s a definite nod depressive and melodic psychedelia such as Methadrone and Nadja.

“Dans la Souffrance” paints ironically beautiful images of drug induced suicide being carried in an open field of tall wild grass in the afternoon sun through dense churning chords of melodic turmoil.

“The Hermit Rain” sounds like the title actually, it actually works well for following “Dans le Souffrance” as on here you almost feel the release like the spirit has finally been freed through a peaceful deaths slumber. The vocals continually scrawl and disperse from behind the mix as smoke into the damp air.

Dhampyr is one of the best that I’ve heard so far in this often slandered style, this stuff seriously is like an outer body experience brought to you by two guys who were literally out of their minds while doing this and the result is a dense and colorful suicidal poem scribbled by a guitar, a bass, a synth, and drums and hallucinatory states. Turn on and let the psychosis steal your soul.

Most of their work is mysterious and actually given away on their site below, this is the first ever physical release of dhampyr work and is still available so check it out on the Prison Tatt site alongside some of their other incredible releases.

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