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DOTDR talks to the black belly of the beast Nekrasov

Nekrasov is a black, avant-garde, apocalyptic, and destructive force who just recently released his briiliant Extinction on Crucial Blast and I was really stoked to have gotten to hear it early and get a chance to talk with him about it a bit. For those who like all things unique and intense in their audio, I couldn't recommend this act enough to many of you. Check out the link at the bottom for audio samples, the label webstore( direct link is activated by clicking the banner at the top of the main webpage here) and also check out my review here on this site. Enjoy and step into the labyrinth of chaos:

DOTDR: I’ve been a huge fan of the Crucial Blast label forever it seems and when your release came across my ears I was still surprisingly surprised. It was actually power electronic, dark ambient and industrial/post-industrial oddly enough that got me deeper into black metal about 5-6 years ago actually, and so I’m completely foaming at the mouth at the mere thought and sound of anything that marries those sounds as you so brilliantly have on Extinction. So to start things off, how about introducing us to the apocalyptic world and mind of Nekrasov?

Nekrasov: Hmm, intros are difficult for me! Nekrasov was never intentionally an ‘apocalyptic’ or death industrial ‘vision’. I had always been experimenting with either noise, ambient, metal, punk etc for as long as I can remember.

Nekrasov really started to form around 1997 but the focus of it, or it’s ‘form’ started really to take shape just a few years ago.

It’s really an accumulation of all aspects of my existence really – hence you will have those elements you mentioned. But also, it’s just the way it comes out. It’s a very personal beast with absolute NO interest in being hip or the coolest noise dude or black metal one man whatever. I am usually guided by what I cannot define. My focus or ‘intention’ is communicating that which is very difficult to express on a lyrical level – the eternal black beast that is with us always. For me, personally, it comes out the way you hear it with Nekrasov. It may not be everyone’s thing but it’s where I am coming from – and I need to be as far removed from anything, even my ‘self’, in order to do that. So, at the same time, the term apocalyptic is apt as it is coming from the end (whether before or after) the self or world – also it’s not coming from that…if you know what I mean? Haha

The ‘mind’ of Nekrasov is surrounded and created by an eternal abyss – that’s the channel – as best I can conjure.

I am extremely honored to have this release with Crucial Blast – I have always thought Adam had a great vision and ethic to what he does.

DOTDR: When listening to and dissecting Extinction it became very apparent to me that it was story of some wicked battles and then the looming destruction and awkwardness of the PTSD afterward, was Extinction intended to be an ongoing science fiction/annihilation narrative or is it just my always overactive imagination that hears that? What was your intention to create with Extinction?

Nekrasov: Well the lyrics are withheld as Nekrasov is not about ideas at all – it is about reaching and pulling out that beast within. That which we know is there but try to avoid because it kind of does feel like annihilation. So, yes, to some degree it is about annihilation but it’s important for me not to give too much on the ideas level. Your imagery of it is your own, not mine – which, for me, is a great thing. Admittedly I do have quite a few responses from listeners saying they had all these images of humanity getting stuck in a black hole etc…Which really is an apt metaphor for ‘the void’ of Nekrasov. I would not say that the intention is sci-fi end times but I would admit that there is a strong focus on annihilation – a very subjective cutting and slicing of it for the listener, I hope.

Giving away my ‘intention’ for the album would be giving too much away; wink wink….And away, what more needs to be said? Extinction!

DOTDR: I have to say that the tracks are very well placed and composed, they alternate between nihilistic and chaotic black metal and the atmospheric electronic tracks perfectly to give it texture. Was this deliberate on your part and how do feel album as whole now that you look back on it?

Nekrasov: I always work with the expected and unexpected. There is a sort of non-place to go to where the beast void resides so I could admit there to some deliberation. The conflict of that though is once in there there is not much control or deliberation.

I don’t really look back on it to be honest. I am happy with the results.

DOTDR: What are some of the inspirations that motivate you to create in Nekrasov?

Nekrasov: This is one of those questions I find very difficult to answer! As there sort of is no inspiration but, of course, with working in sound etc.. I cannot avoid it but the attempt is to come from where there is no inspiration, if that makes any sense.

But, please, do not confuse this with art or anything as such…oh! forbid such horror!

You can hear the musical influences in there but there’s no need to go into those sort of details. I really am trying to give my piece of liberating pain on the world! haha

DOTDR: Black metal, industrial, power electronic, dark ambient, martial, and noise on their own serve as ideal mediums to create the most intense and exotic atmospheres through and when blended the result is terrorizing and bone chilling. What made you decide upon the styles used on Extinction? How would describe Nekrasov to those who haven’t experienced you yet?

Nekrasov: Ultimately it’s the freedom of those styles that works so well with Nekrasov. The intention was not to be 100% anything but 100% nothing! Haha. I work purely from a deep personal level without much involvement in scenes etc so I have the freedom to do what the fuck I want. I’ve always worked within those fields; it’s where I am most uncomfortable!

I will have to break it to you that you an in a minority in your appreciation of what I do. Normally there’s ‘not enough black metal, too much noise’ and the noise purists think there’s too much metal etc..It’s really weird that in such a deep underground realm as the one where Nekrasov exists, seemingly far removed from ‘the everyday’ that such conservative ideas seem firmly rooted. But then again, I don’t really give eleven shits to it – I just do what I do and I didn’t even think it would get to this stage!

DOTDR: I know the release is brand spanking new, but how has the feedback been so far?

Nekrasov: It’s been good. For those that have sort of followed Nekrasov for a while – say they like it ‘the best’ (which is a funny thing to say about a Nekrasov release! Haha). To be honest, I never really know how to take it – the fact that people do listen to it is pretty awesome from my end of the world! It’s fairly tough work to get through….

DOTDR: What does the near future hold for Nekrasov?

Nekrasov: Nothing! There’s been so much coming out this year that the releases need a chance to hurt and maim a bit more…There won’t be another release till next year. The only thing that should be coming out is the previously intended split 12” with ONDO. The artwork is being done for that right now.

DOTDR: From where can one buy a copy of Extinction?

Nekrasov: Just go straight to Crucial Blast! Or if in Europe, places like Cold Spring etc..

DOTDR: Thanks for your time and a fucking wicked and brilliant listen! Is there anything you’d like to say in closing?

Nekrasov: I am honored to be a part of the DOTDR beast! Thanks for your support and interest.

Nekrasov info here:

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