Friday, August 13, 2010


For those who, like myself, enjoy the darkest atmospheres, minimal ambient, and soundscapes that ignite within the listener the most disturbing images and sensations, or just a pseudo-psychedelic nightmare in a semi-conscious vein will definitely thrive on this release. Sort of like dark ambient metal era Burzum heard on Hvis Lyset Tar Oss and Hlidskjalf, Sadael crafts sophisticated yet minimal funeral doom with a keyboard some doses of heavy guitar. Essentially the result can be summed up as the ultimate in funereal ambient metal, “Thoughts of Suicide” alone will convince even the most stubborn of naysayers that this artist understands the full extent of darkness and despair. At times the vocals growl, howl, shriek, and gurgle as if choking on blood through distorted and drawn out down-tuned chords that rattle through the bowels of hell with each strum.

Anyone out there looking for the next absolutely grim, stripped down, haunting, cryptic, and chilling to the point of making ones bones ache release will not want to miss this one. Armenian based and limited to only about 100 copies, Sadael delivers to you the pure blood freezing experience of death with Essence. This sort of what I Shalt Become is heading toward with their latest release Poison and can be expected to entice fans of: Xasthur, Velvet Cacoon, My Dying Bride, Esoteric, Hellveto, Catacombs, and anything slightly related. Also highly recommended if not essential to fans of the dark ambient/dark folk sounds as am I.

I’ve been considering closing down my website that caters to this style as so many have flaked on me as of lately, but with so much great stuff being created and labels like this one and Steinklang/Ahnstern and a few others depending on it, I might just keep it going a bit longer. So if you like what you’re reading, check this artist out further, it’s absolutely worth it!!!!

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