Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Gravewurm - Blood of the Pentagram (Hells Headbangers Records 2010)

From the decrepit bowels of the U.S. Black metal/metal underground pusses forth the final infection of the 20 years of audio plague known devoutly as Gravewurm. This disgusting and hideously glorious band goes out with a magnificent stench with Blood of the Pentagram, so if you are one of us who enjoy the ugly and truly scummy side of metal and are a rabid fan of acts such as: Profanatica, Inquistion, Nunslaughter, Hellhammer, Goatlord, Prosanctus Inferi, and anything related to those sick fucks you will not be missing out on this bastard. Classic raw, aggressive, nihilistic metal with a moderate punk grit like most early black metal classics, this thing delivers the true feel of cult and rotten nostalgia.

Reeking of only the rawest, ritually rhythmic and murderous melodic metal cults spewing forth over the last several decades I honestly can’t say anything except buy this sleaze and wallow in the blissful filth that Gravewurm unleashes. This release brings tears to my eyes, quite possibly from the foul burning fumes that leach out from within this album, but it’s more than likely my sentimental side that is always deeply touched when paying a farewell to the beautifully perverse and crude. Sophisticated scum fucks like myself rejoice and fester, HHR releases yet another brilliant and solid piece of underground cult history and another one for me to grab up this year. Set for detonation this October on double disc, keep your ears and antennae in tune for this one!!!! If HHR keeps up this momentum I’ll never break the spell and my cash will continue to drain out like the warm blood of a fresh virgin slaughter.

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