Sunday, June 27, 2010

Blood of Kingu – Sun in the House of Scorpion (Candlelight 2010)

Disclaimer: I almost tossed this one aside without even giving it a listen simply because of the whole astrological, left-hand, demonology, Sumerian, etc. references in the advertising and on the webpage for the band. Thanks to stupid asses, pathetic variations on such a cliché theme and inspiration, and some asshole “left-hand” band that I interviewed who are not that great and then their revealing that they are really stupid egotistical fucks makes them worthless in my book. I’m well read on many things but always go by my own path and give respect and credit to those who do the same, I don’t need any more elitist puckered rectum mindless drones quoting and recycling ideas: build, destroy, rebuild and move on!!!!!!

The reason for that prior rant is to tell many to fuck off, but also to shed light on why my proceeding praising review of this album is merited. I went in biased and expected the usual ranting and phony philosophical occult ramble that most of these fecal matter comprised bands abuse… and keep in mind that I’m a supporter of those thoughts when used properly, but I don’t need to make it known and support it through my image. So, here’s the review:

Blood of Kingu bring forth a truly incredible black metal album for 2010, and is also the dismal and demonic intellectual and artistic spawn of members of Drudkh, Astrofaes, and Hate Forest. Right away that should motivate quite a few reading this to experience this art of ritual.

Most of the album’s sound is that of some sort of ritual, complete with incantations behind the rapid beating of drum skins and almost pagan-atmospherically dense black metal guitar chords with some of the classic tremolo style picking for melody/lead. The tracks are all intoxicating as they are somewhat astrological, and convincingly extra-terrestrial and/or ancient in origin. “ Sun in the House of Scorpion” is an accurate and enthralling experience of the supernatural and ritualistic rites, whether ancient or alien or both that will quickly transport you to throwing sacrifices into the pools of flames and chanting out to the cosmos, and it’s also clearly intended to invoke your passage into this other realm beyond current consciousness and life or light.

There is a chanting/or incantation behind some of the tracks serving as a chorus that is as much supernatural as it is inhuman and gives me the chills from the stimulation of the idea of something evil or mysterious lurking behind the sounds. The creepier and intense something gets, the more I’m drawn in to it and my adrenaline pumps heavily through my veins as I crave the jolt and thrill of what lays ahead. I really want to say that Blood of Kingu remind me in sound a lot of Beherit (Drawing Down The Moon) crossed with Wolves in the Throne Room, and that was even before I had noticed that they had done a cover of Beherit’s “Gate of Nanna”, one of my personal faves.

This new gathering of sounds definitely goes well with other acts releasing stellar stuff this year: Finnr’s Cane, Celestia, Skogen, Bekhira, Stiny Plamenu, so don’t just stop here but also check those out as well, they all go well together.

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