Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Anal Drill - Filth (Room 2A)

You can’t go wrong with Richard Ramirez!! Many may try to explore the terrain of HNW and fail miserably = put out a generic tape or two, but for how many do you get the price of one guy and a billion solid aliases. This tape is much of the same as you’d expect, a bunch of analog crackle and swooshes of analog, BUT not so much when you break through the exterior. Unlike most noise, HNW, artists Richard Ramirez dares to actually sculpt and layer base elements into something completely coherent (at times) and dare I say “musical”. Anal Drill is a band comprised of several members, the list varies so I’m not going to say more than that it’s two or three, RR included although according to Discogs it’s just him right now (?).

“Filth (part1)”, imagine if you could a tidal surge of analog, back and forth, back and forth, periodically swinging like a pendulum. Underneath there is a bunch of complex sounds, some audible and some not so much. It’s as if you were drowning amidst a sea of warm analog foam, twisting and turning and calling out only to be heard as an anomaly, barely audible in the midst of swishing and swirling. Occasionally a sound of screeching sheet metal comes through like an oncoming train breaking, but can’t quite penetrate the wall.

“Filth (part 2)” has a feeling of uncontrolled chaos underlying the cascading HNW walls of fuzzy and warm static. It’s like a traffic accident going off and than the point of impact repeating over and over. I hear metal folding over and an actual crash at some points occurs, all the while it’s just underneath the static cloud wooshing and exploding continually like a bomb detonating repetitively in an attempt to hold the noise.

Richard Ramirez