Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I stumbled upon this heap of socially indignant Swedes the other day...well actually they tripped me, the douchebags!!!!! Anyway, I can’t get enough of the giant turd flingfest that is better known as D-beat, Crust, Anarcho, hardcore, these days. Is it because it’s some of the only music that I hear recently that ACTUALLY waves the finger high and boldly at the wreckage and bullshit game of life that people consider society? Possibly, it definitely doesn’t hold back behind paint and costumes or images of evil, it stands stark naked in the face of politeness and social constrictions. NO ONE likes to tell someone to Fuck Off more than me, many may tie, but none can exceed my frustrations and disgust most days. Where many care more about image, these louts care more about the message and making some of the best metallic punk racket that I’ve heard period.

So, what do you get on this upcoming release?
Seven tracks of nihilism, some of the sharpest and jagged melodic metal riffing that brings about thoughts of melodic and hardcore influenced current acts like: High On Fire, Resistant Culture, Black Tusk, Sanctum and Kylesa; and the classics of the sound: Doom, Deviated Instinct, Anti-Cimex, Discharge and company. This stuff just reeks of circle pits and chaos, it’s as much classic FU hardcore as it is grind/death/thrash metal. For intense riff-a-holics like myself, fed up with the Idiocracy also known as the human race, this is the anger management program that your surrounding companions have been pleading with you to get involved in. In this tumultuous album you get to throw your blows, scream obscenities at the top of your lungs, and destroy things without ever having to be held accountable legally for your actions. Rebels rejoice and Fucking make some NOISE!!!!!!!!!!!

“ Hi, my name is Janet and I’m fucking pissed and tired of ignorance and bullshit.”

The release is due out this month and I will be getting my official copy the moment it lands and decimates. Absolutely essential!!!!! For all info on purchasing contact the band, this is a Halvfabrikat Release and will be available from that label.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Niveau Zero - In_Sect (Ad Noiseam 2010)

I've been a fan of this label for a few years now, because it brought me acts like Cdatakill, Hecq, and Detritus, and tends to release some rather outstanding electronic overall. I really try to shy away from the hip-hop influences, mainly the MC stuff, so for me that has always made Drum N Bass styles a challenge to get into fully. I'm not an expert on dubstep and DNB styles, but I do know awesome sounds when I hear it and this French Dubstep artist and Ad Noiseam are definitely ones to convince me to venture a bit deeper into these styles. My knowledge of the sound goes about as deep as Burial and Boxcutter these days, but my electronic knowledge goes very deep.

Many issues with the dance and electronic styles are the recycled elements, pre-programmed and standard rhythm patterns and overall predictability, but none of that is an issue on this release. The basslines here form the main backdrop to the album, tight and addictive they overpower the listener rendering them unable to resist the prodding rhythms and undeniable grooves woven within. Multiple titanic bass lines and methodical percussion, a smooth yet unpredictable flow in the rhythms makes this as anthemic as it does an infectious groove trip. Some of the basslines here are as heavy as some of my favorite riffs or power electronic hums and buzzes, and there's as much a sense of darkness, suspence and hidden mystery within the tracks to keep me happy. Ad Noiseam hopes to break the musical sectarian boundaries with it's releases, and stubborn assholes like myself can't get past the MC stuff, but will be induced to skip over those few tracks in search of the ever-encompassing rhythms that lie beyond them.

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