Monday, May 17, 2010

Navicon Torture Technologies - The Gospels of the Gash (Malignant)

The experience that lays in wait for you inside this vortex of nightmarish dreamlike atmospheres is journey throught the mind of a sociopath. It’s almost a cry out from deep within the trapped and secluded mind of a delusional individual, losing a grip on the reality around him/herself as their neurological signals are crossed into a confusing matrix of psychedelic experiences. Like a schizophrenic whose nervous system is disoriented and what you smell becomes audible and what you hear becomes a sensation of touch, what once was one thing becomes another and in a psychotics mind becomes very real. A maze of the sounds of a hallucinogenic state of a homicidal manaic with distinct and specific sadistic urges. You will hear real news clips of actual grotesque crimescenes lurking beneath the fuzz of electronic vibrations that reveal the pulse of the heart of this beast on the prawl.

From somewhere along this monsters journey you experience the sound of a woman crying and screaming frantically as she pleads for her life at the merciless lunatic that has his hands around her throat. Maybe modern science has not found a way to get inside and actually read let alone visualize the subconscious or even conscious without the subject having any control over it, but this soundtrack which I describe here is the sound of what would be going through the mind of a psychopath. He/she runs the scenarios and pieces of memories of their kills and thrills, what events in their lives shaped them this way, what they are conjuring up next and you get it all in graphic detail, but broken up over 2 discs and tracks built almost like chapters in a jigsaw puzzle of a narrative. NTT is the mind in which you venture into and it's this scrambled story line that you must make the connections through.

Deep enough into this album you can almost feel yourself losing your own grip on reality as the ramblings of the manaic and memorable clips from his/her victims and daily encounters, are distorted into almost robotic voices that keep coming through a throbbing rhythm and warm feedback. It's almost like drowning in transmission fuzz and RF signals as you spiral further into the web of this predator. Some breaks for serene and almost happy ambient moments appear briefly throughout, but gradually darken into the relapse of the hallucinations of this sadistic killer. Think of the film Vertigo as you begin to lose balance atop a roof while dangling over that edge and your fears and imagination cause you to fall hopelessly downward off of the deep end. You see the spirals of bright colors rotating like a nauseating carnival ride going round and round and flashes of horrifying images from your deepest and most disturbing imagination begin manifesting themselves in a strobe light pattern beaconing your demise as you plummet. The worst part for you is that you never actually do hit the bottom, you just flail and descend further into this house of horrors that now has become your life. Your existence as of now has no end and the beginning is erased, and you will cycle through this mind-fuck infinitely. The experience will never leave you, not even after the disc itself is over.

SOOOOOOO recommended!!!!!! This music goes beyond listening and becomes an experience, listen and be captured as well.